1090 Lithium Dr. Thunder Bay, ON

Wequedong Lodge of Thunder Bay


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Wequedong Lodge spends over $1M monthly on hotel fees for its clients

“A non-profit organization that provides shelter, meals, transportation and other supports to Indigenous clients travelling to the city for medical care is ramping up its fundraising for a future expansion.”

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Superior Foods proposed a charitable fundraising partnership to raise funds for Wequedong Lodge’s expansion while also bringing families together for a fun and delicious BBQ experience.

Superior Foods will offer items and donate a portion of the proceeds of all sales between May 8th and September 1st to Wequedong Lodge.  The BBQ order form will include high demand items that can feed a family at both reasonable costs and have the highest quality that Superior Foods is famous for, including boxed Superior Food’s Premium BBQ Beef Patties, Mild Italian Sausage and Pork Chops.

Superior Foods would donate $5 for each box sold to Wequedong Lodge.
Feel free to call us anytime during the ordering process:

Join is for lunch to support Wequedong Lodge of Thunder Bay

“Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Pop”

With the support of our corporate partners

Donate directly

100% of the proceeds would go directly to Wequedong’s expansion effort

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