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Local Made Easy

Consistency.  Traceability.  Value.  
We know what you're asking for.

farmerThe three things you want most when you’re buying for a kitchen are also the top three reasons people used to give for not procuring locally. We aim to change all that.


Although some locally-produced foods, like beef, eggs and dairy are available year-round, you just can’t get fresh local broccoli in January. But don’t worry! If you’re looking to increase your local buying, we can handle the seasonality for you.

We’ll offer you options for local broccoli – or any other seasonal local product we can source for you – as long as they’re in season, and while they’re not, we’ll give you options for non-local suppliers so your ordering and deliveries are seamless and easy, year-round.


Wondering how much of your purchases have been local? Our system lets us clearly identify local product both in our inventory and our accounting. This means you’ll know what’s available locally as you make your buying choices, and with every invoice you’ll be able to see how much of your spending has supported the local economy.


We’re committed to offering a full range of quality products, including locally-sourced meats and vegetables.  We believe in fair prices for farmers and buyers alike, and constantly seek ways to improve our processes and work with our partners to create efficiencies that benefit everyone.  At the end of the day, local product is still sometimes a little more expensive than national brands, so we always offer you additional choices for times when the budget is tight.

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