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We make it easy
to buy local produce

local produce made easy

prodfeature_onionsget the hometown advantage

Some of the best produce you can buy is grown close to home.  In season, it’s hard to beat locally-grown vegetables for flavour, quality or value, so we do all the leg-work between our customers and our farm partners to ensure that our customers have local options as soon as they’re available.

Whether they’re looking to meet local procurement targets for their institutional kitchen or just want to use fresh local product and support Northwestern Ontario’s farmers, our customers enjoy an advantage in terms of time and cost.  Not only do we do the work of finding local product for you, our state-of-the-art inventory and traceabilty system lets us show you how much of your purchases are local, both before you make buying decisions and at the time of invoicing.

Learn more about our “local made easy” initiative.

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